How is Medicare for All structured?

Who or what is going to administrate this plan?


Already in place is the Medicare System for seniors that provides the administration for 55 million benefices. It will be expanded to handle the Medicare For All beneficiaries. 

What will it cover?


Medicare For All will cover all medical needs of citizens for their entire life. This will include: hospital, doctor, medical tests, dental, vision starting at birth. 

Does it include catastrophic coverage?


Yes, catastrophic coverage is included.

Why is your plan better?


The concept of Medicare For All will be new to Americans but what the rest of the developed world considers normal healthcare. Simply put, seeking and using healthcare will become the norm. People will not need to be concerned about costs of care, copays, deductibles, whether a visit or procedure is covered, referrals or authorizations. Doctors will have more time for patients because they will not be burdened with up to 30% of their time fulfilling the requirements of insurance companies in order to get paid. The Medicare For All identification card will be all that is necessary.

Is there a waiting period for enrolling new employees?


The answer to that is, all employees will come to a new job already enrolled in Medicare For All. Their enrollment started at birth.